Episode 13 – Code red

On the rags, shark week, red wedding, surfing the crimson tide and who the hell is Aunt Flo? Why can’t we just say menstruating!? In this episode we explore the weird world of period idioms.

Bonus Episode – Blood Sweat and Tears

It’s not just teens who suffer from the lack of a toilet. Listen to Mark Balla tell a moving story about one primary school he visited without a toilet and why that meant a disruption to kids’ schooling once a month, every month.

Episode 12 – Potty mouths

You don’t have to get up at sparrow’s fart to make sure you don’t piss your day away. Just celebrate World Toilet Day with us by listening to this loo-themed episode, featuring special guest Mark Balla from We Can’t Wait, along with all the shits and giggles you could desire.

Episode 11 – Horsing around

The Melbourne Cup is famously “the race that stops the nation” so while everyone is paused we’re here to talk about why there are so many horse-related idioms in the English language, and tell the stories of a few.  We really think you should listen, but we’re well aware that you can lead a horse to water….

Season 2 – coming VERY soon

Set your alarm for sparrow’s fart on Friday, November 3, when the first episode of our second season will be hot off the press! We’ll be horsing around thanks to the race that stops the nation. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can get it as soon as it drops!

Episode 10 – Mail order marriage

As ballots are arriving in mailboxes around the country, and Australians are going postal for marriage equality, we take a moment to talk about why everyone should have the right to tie the knot.

Episode 9 – Cats vs. dogs

We go to see a man about a dog… and a cat. Actually, there’s no man, just four pet idioms. It gets a bit hairy. Why would you skin a cat and what does dog fur have to do with drinking anyway!? Listen in and all will be revealed.

Episode 7 – All about the cock

Cocks feature in many English expressions and this week we consider three of them – cock and bull story, cock of the walk and to go off half cocked. One relates to to the remarkable history of domestic fowl, one to drunk coach drivers and one has nothing to do with birds at all.

Episode 6 – Why did the chicken cross the line?

You might know part of the story behind ‘the sky is falling’, but what about ‘drawing a line in the sand’? This episode explores how idioms help us tap into our shared histories, both ancient and modern.